Dual Tone Colors and Banarasi Weaves Dual Tone Colors and Banarasi Weaves
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Dual Tone Colors and Banarasi Weaves

Dual tone colors and Banarsi weaves

Without doubt, Banarasi sarees are some of the best sarees in the world. If you’ve ever delved into the world of sarees or own a couple, you would have certainly heard of the Banarasi weave. They are a reflection of Indian ‘karigari’ (craftsmanship) and brilliance.

Each Banarasi saree is a story that narrates the spirit and traditions of the several ages of Indian culture from since the Vedic period. Interwoven together with gold/silver threads, they are an embodiment of India herself and her rich diversity.

Since Banarasi sarees are usually extremely rich and opulent sarees, one might think twice before making it a part of your everyday collection. This is also a reason why the women of today prefer to have only a couple of Banarasi sarees in their collection. Usually, a pair or two that are dedicated for functions or other special occasions. Rajyalakshmi Heritage Banaras Sarees brings you a wide assortment of ‘dual-toned’ Banarasi weaves that are comfortable to wear at any occasion. With different work like zari embroidery, cutwork, kadwa, etc., our dual tone colors are inspired from the best of Banaras.

Miss Telangana Manasa Varanasi

Take a look at some of the best sellers from our collection.

A dual tone weave in peach and pink that is woven with a gold kadwa jaal.

This saree is perfect for any occasion. The striking pink combined with a soothing peach will always portray a timeless outlook. You don’t have to compromise on the style quotient with colors that blend well with the trends of 2021.

A peacock print in blue and green that is woven with Tanchoui technique.

Our peacock print is a beautiful labyrinth of pastels that is influenced by Kashmiri design. Using the finest Tanchoui weave technique, the saree comes in an enchanting blue and green. Our Tanchoui collection uses one or more warps and multiple-colored wefts to ensure that there is no float on the back of your saree.

Black and purple in a unique shade.

A unique shade of purple that blends pleasantly with dark black is a perfect piece for quirky festive wear if you want to stand out from the rest. This saree is a masterwork of creativity that flaunts the perfect balance of modern charm and heritage.

Keeping in mind the trends of today, Rajyalakshmi Heritage Banaras Sarees aims to amp up your saree game by offering contemporary designs. Some of our current trends include vintage garnet shades, deep purples, bright reds and others that are meant to impress.

All our sarees are made with the finest of Banarasi silk and are made for women who want to strike all the boxes of elegance and grandeur.

If this blog gives you major saree goals, visit https://rajyalakshmi.co.in/ to explore our collection of timeless and heritage Banaras sarees. We hope that all your fashion goals are fulfilled.


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