Preserve Your Banarasi Saree – Rajyalakshmi Heritage Banaras Sarees

Preserve Your Banarasi Sarees

Handloom Banarasi sarees must
be dry-cleaned only, and that too
only when necessary

No naphthalene balls or other
chemicals must be placed in

Always store them in a
cotton/muslin cloth, and keep
them away from other fabrics

Avoid perfumes and fragrances
over the saree, it may stain the
fabric or zari

A big ‘NO’ to metal hangers as
they may cause cuts and creases

Fold the saree's front weave
inwards while folding it to
preserve its design and zari

Place newspaper in folds
to avoid creases & wrinkles

When not in use, unfold and
refold the saree every 4-6 months
to avoid cuts

Always put the saree underneath
a cotton cloth while ironing

Always store in a cool & dry
place, away from dust & sunlight