Bridal trends for the 2020 wedding season | Bridal trends for the 2020 wedding season |
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Bridal trends for the 2020 wedding season

Bridal trends for the 2020 wedding season

A wedding around the corner?  Confused about what to wear?

Style yourself in the latest trends this wedding season to stand out and get all eyes on you!

Weddings come with an amazing chance to doll up and get loads of pictures in the #ootd and #ootn. Everyone wants to shine in the crowd by looking gorgeous for every event. Rajyalakshmi Heritage Banaras sarees brings you the latest fashion for this wedding season. Silk and brocade are the most trending styles this year, reflecting elegance, radiance, and glamour. The regal splendor and richness of the silk fabric adds beauty to any attire making you selfie-ready for every occasion.

It is every bride’s dream to adorn a saree that speaks for her identity and her poise on her wedding day. A bridal saree is a decision that is shaped in a girl’s mind since her childhood. To make this decision easy for her and to bring out her best look, Rajyalakshmi Sarees has a magnificent collection of Banarasi silk sarees that can truly make the wedding day a huge success for a bride. The Banarasi Saree is a popular choice among brides given the classic weaving pattern which is festive and gives an ethereal look. Rajyalakshmi sarees has a breathtaking collection of Banarasi sarees to adorn any bride for her ‘the’ Day!

It is a rising trend for brides and even family members of the groom and bride to be wearing Banarasi sarees. There is a wide variety of silk sarees that a woman can choose from Tussar Silk, Jamdani, Kheva, Satin Silk, Tissue, Munga Tussar, Malai silk, etc. Rajyalakshmi is a trusted brand that offers an amazing collection of Banaras silk sarees to make your wedding season colourful, beautiful and memorable with awesome pictures in more so awesome outfits.

Bridal trends for the 2020 wedding season

The detailing of some of these sarees for the wedding collection is exclusively done using gold and silver threads, called as ‘ZARI’. These are your go-to choice for this wedding season. also, there is an interesting segment of fusion wear, where Traditional Banarasi silk fabrics use modern motifs and prints to give the saree a fresh look fit for the millennial bride and bridesmaids. Banarasi sarees are considered a piece of art with each piece standing out in its elegance.

This wedding season, pair your favorite silk saree with a contrast designer blouse to amplify your look. You could go for muffled sleeves, tassels, bell sleeves, varied neck patterns: high neck, boat neck, mandarin collar, etc. to add to the glamour quotient of your wedding look. Also, draping styles have changed with a special preference for fusion wear. You could drape your saree in various styles to change the entire look: like teaming with a pair of churidars, draping like a lehenga, the classic look of leaving the pallu open on your arm or pleating it in a thin pleat to rest on your shoulders. There is many fashionable ways to wear your saree and make your look unique.

When it comes to a saree, jewelry is a must to complete the look. Banarasi sarees look fabulous with antique, gold jewelry. You could wear long neckpieces with heavy pendants or even something with precious or semi-precious stones of matching colours with the outfit to make a bold statement. Gold jewelry with overtones of green and red stones, like ruby and emeralds, are the most sought-after pieces with sarees as they complement every traditional weave beautifully. As for make-up, the trend is to keep it subtle, minimal with a fresh glow or tint. This works beautifully with sarees too. An overall nude makeup with some lipstick to highlight works very well to keep your look trendy, smart, chic and elite. You could always balance between heavy jewelry and light makeup or heavy makeup with a light saree to feel both comfortable and confident.

Bridal trends for the 2020 wedding season

Not to forget, even the conventional Banarasi saree is always going to stand out. It’s simple and graceful feel will never get out of style. The traditional bootis and bright colours of silk sarees make for a top choice for any ceremonial gathering. You could also try to experiment with pastel shades and neon shades in silk for a modern look. Overall, the saga of silk sarees is timeless and makes for an essential wedding requisite. No wonder, it will dominate the wedding festivities look in 2020 and continue to make brides and others look fabulous.

Bridal trends for the 2020 wedding season

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