Food Santa – Feeding the Hungry

Hello Readers,

Apart from Rajyalakshmi Heritage Banaras Sarees, I also am a part of a non profit organization named “
FOOD SANTA”. FOOD SANTA is something very close to my heart, the initial idea was proposed by my husband GubbaPrashanth, later me along with his 2 other friends Chandra Shekar Jain, Hemang have joined to be a part of the core team. So, we at food Santa collect the excess food from marriages and other social gatherings and serve it to the poor and the hungry. When we started this work we were only focussing on the excess food from social gatherings but, as we explored the food is not only wasted and literally thrown away from weddings and social gatherings but also from supermarkets, sweet houses, bakeries, and hotels. One conversation with the managers of sweets houses and supermarkets has been a major breakthrough for FOOD SANTA. The food collected at Food Santa is distributed at old age homes, schools and hostels. We feed almost 500-600 poor people and sometimes close to 1000 a day. All donors of food have been very generous and kind to come forward for one great cause of feeding the hungry. I feel very blessed to be a part of this God’s work. Anytime there is excess food we are just a call away to pass it to the hungry. Please pass the word and together let’s feed more hungry people.



Thank you!

Facebook page FOOD SANTA for more info and the kind of work we do.





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  • Great concept, excellent post. Thanks for sharing this

    Helly Jhon
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